Fonts, Fonts and Fonts Galore.

While sometimes fonts can cause quite the headache, and I am still looking for a good site that can identify fonts that sometimes I can't find, I love being able to bring things to life with Fonts.  It really makes a design.  Sometimes I have spent hours looking for the perfect font and other times I find it in a snap.  There are some fonts I will probably never find, I have even thought about offering a reward to someone who can tell me the name of a font that a customer shows me a picture too.  Font Bounty Hunters I would call them lol.  Until this happens, I will continue the search as needed and even find some fun fonts that I didn't know where out there along the way. Because, in my business, fonts are so important.  I find myself looking at signs a whole new way, guessing the fonts, thinking Oh, I need that one.  While there are lots of free sites to get Fonts, and I do use them, I have found my favorite go to that has more fonts than you can ever imagine.  They also always have great deals, and a Freebie Friday.  This is my absolute go to place for all things fonts, including some fun bundles as well.  You have to go check out they are so awesome.  I have regular fonts that I have available to all customers, but when I have those special customers that are looking for that special font, I pull out my "secret" stash and it is all fonts I have gotten from FontBundle and it makes the customer feel special and I get to play with all the fun fonts. So, if you are looking for fonts, you should definitely check them out.  But, I warn you know you will become ADDICTED!!! I can't wait to see what new fonts they have upcoming.  Here, just take my wallet :P


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